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This project is helping so many people.Thanks Judy, Bill,andWill, and all who helped. I had several ADC's going back asfar as about 1960. Also,I had visitation from my son who died10 months ago. It was afterward that I purchased "HelloFrom Heaven." It validated my experiences. Even without thatvalidation, however, I always knew it was true. More and morepeople are coming forward now; but I believe it was always happening throughout the ages. Phyllis
Ozark, Missouri, United States
February 5, 1997
After reading your book I thought about writing to you and then changed my mind. After my son's transition on Oct 2, 1994, I took a photo of his sister and nephew. When the film was developed there was my son in the background. There were other people and objects in the background, too. I showed this photo to family and friends and they are astonished. I still continue to hear from him, but not a often. Thank you for the outlet and the opportunity to share with others of like mind and experiences who know that life continues after death. Love, light & blessings-FlossHere
Pennsylvania, United States
February 3, 1997
Funny thing, I thought I had signed, but hadn't. This site and the chat is the best form of treatment for me. I have found that after some 20 yrs., I did have a ADC of my Grandmother and now my Mother. Please keep this place for all to come and share. It is beautiful!!! @ ---------> a rose for all!!!
Palm Harbor, Florida, United States
February 1, 1997
Wow! What a great find. I have read your book and it was very enlightening. I have had contact during the sleep state with my best friend, Julie, who passed on very unexpectedly in January 1992. I say it was unexpected but somehow I "knew" when I hugged her goodbye at Thanksgiving (1991) that I wouldn't see her again. I have seen her again but she wasn't on this Earth plane. I sure wish she would contact me again. I sure miss her. Thank you for writing about a subject that deserves a lot more attention.
Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States
January 29, 1997
Lost our son Robert, 22, 11/21/80. Lost our son Brian,40, 1/1/97. Heartbroken. I believe I had contact with my son Robert. I need to know. I will read your book. Thank you!
Wichita, Kansas, United States
January 29, 1997
Hi, I lost my Mom suddenly in May/96 and since have had manyADC experiences, which I have been questioning. Most people Ihave asked about it have also had some experience, but myclosest family have not so I really wondered if I was goingcrazy. It is so nice to have some validation and I takecomfort in the fact that so many others are experiencingwhat I am going through. So many messages have related to me.I will be coming back here often as I have been looking forsomewhere to ask about this where they will not think I amcrazy.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
January 28, 1997
This looks like a good site to explore. I just surfed in during a general Web search for "Ruth Montgomery." Her books have been helpful and I'd like to know what she's doing these days.
Hanford, California, United States
January 26, 1997
Have an interest of hearing about this topic; lost 16 year old son on his 16th birthday in 1991; then younger sister in 1993;then death of my younger brother in 1994 - Thanks for being there!
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, United States
January 26, 1997
I read your book after my mother was killed in a plane crash.I have several experiences I would like to share with Judy Guggenheimand Bill Guggenheim. I have had these experiences since I was six years old.Please feel free to send a reply. Thank you for the wonderful book.Jennifer
Plano, Texas, United States
January 25, 1997
I went to check who had recently signed the guestbook and discovered I *never* had!! Well, I just want to add my two cents worth about what a great site this is. Will, you've done a great job. I'm looking forward to speaking with everyone in the chatroom. I've added a link in my homepage to this site so all my friends and family can discover for themselves that it is possible our loved ones are still with us. Thank you!
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
January 24, 1997
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