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Hello From Heaven!
Terminal Illness
Spiritual Growth
A Course in Miracles
Hello From Heaven! by Bill and Judy Guggenheim, book about after-death communication - ADC experiences, death and dying, grief, bereavement, life after death, and afterlife.
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Journeys Out of the Body
Journeys Out of the Body
Robert A. Monroe (Author)
The author, a Virginia businessman, began having experiences that drastically altered his life. Unpredictably, and without his willing it, he found himself leaving his physical body to travel to locales far removed from the physical and spiritual realities of his life. He later founded the Monroe Institute to further investigate this phenomenon. This best-selling book is the definitive work on out-of-body (OBE) experiences. (United States)  
Voyages into the Unknown
Voyages into the Unknown
Vol. 1 of the
Bruce Moen (Author)
This fascinating volume recounts the story of the author's first voyages past the edge of life, using techniques first developed at The Monroe Institute. A comprehensive look at the science of accessing the afterlife, including the steps to discovery and the higher states of consciousness that allow this inward travel beyond the boundaries of life. (United States)  
Kinship With All Life
Kinship With All Life
J. Allen Boone (Author)
Is there a universal language of love, a "kinship with all life" that can open new horizons of experience? This intriguing book documents simple, real-life experiences that illustrate how animals communicate with each other and with humans who understand them. (United States)  
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